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Expand Your Customer Base AND Your Reputation…by Posting in Guest Blogs, on Established Blogs Within Your Niche! Sounds easy enough huh?

For months now, (maybe even years), I’ve been reading in the forums and chat rooms, about “guest blogging” techniques. Guess what I found? How guest blogging has become one of the favorite ways for internet marketers to gain access to new markets.

On the face of it, the concept is quite brilliant: Instead of sitting down every day, or taking up an entire weekend, toiling over new content for your next blog. Not to forget, then constantly feeding that blog with brand new fresh content all the time and nurturing your readers so your blog grows up large! So large – that someday you have a HUGE number of followers…instead – you simply gain access to another blogger’s audiences.

Sounds GREAT doesn’t it! To find out MORE…I challenge you to click here!

Not only does this concept open new marketing opportunities, it also doesn’t limit you to the same set of blog readers repeatedly. Whenever you post a guest blog on an influential blogger’s page, you put yourself in front of an entirely new set of potential customers. Plus, they already are usually rabidly devoted to the blogger’s niche, and more than likely willing to give your posting a read!

What will other bloggers think?

In the beginning, I was afraid that established bloggers in my niche weren’t going to be interested in letting me write guest blogs on their pages. I mean, personally, I’m fiercely protective of my readers; why wouldn’t they be too! It’s taken me years to build up the readership (and viewership with my videos) that I currently enjoy. I certainly wouldn’t let some carpetbagger swoop in and hijack my devoted following, now would I?

What would I think if another blogger wanted to post on my blog?

As I gave this more thought, I realized that YES, I actually would LOVE for somebody to submit a guest blog to me once in a while. Why? Because it would relieve some of the pressure on me. I wouldn’t have to be constantly creating brand new original content. Guest Blogging is something you start with on an occasional basis, and grow in to. It’s not like other bloggers are going to steal away all my loyal readers. Nor vice versa!

So now, when I approach established bloggers within my niche, what I emphasize is how my guest blog is a solution to a problem they are having. Let’s be honest! MANY bloggers have other people write their content anyway. This way is a bit more creative.  I’m (and you will be to) able to provide their readers with original, engaging content that they will enjoy. This reinforces their loyalty bonds with their blog – while they get the day off from writing their blog.

This is what I call a Win/Win/Win!

I’m happy to report that this approach works nearly every time. DO NOT be apprehensive when approaching an established blogger. You’ll already know they are very likely going to be open to your offer of submitting a guest blog on their page. If they aren’t, move on to the next blogger and propose your solution to them. Somebody is BEGGING for this kind of help. And they might not even know it!

I may never write another blog on my own pages again!

Just kidding.

Or am I?

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